June 9, 2017
11 months and 13 days since
the event.
SMI Students will participate in the

Race for Education Color Fun Run

on June 9th during the school’s end of the year Fun Day. To make the day even more fun, all students (and adults) will get covered in our school color—Blue—during our first ever Color Fun Run! We need your help to reach our school’s goal of $20,000.


All participants will receive:
  • Fun Day T-Shirt
  • SMI School Spirit Sunglasses
For any student that reaches $250 or more in donations, they will receive a choice of:
  •  Area theme park or attraction ticket, or
  •  Gift card to a great store in our area.

Let’s get colored in SMI School Spirit,
have a blast and reach our goal!


Since 1880, St. Mary's Institute has provided countless children with outstanding academic experiences with one thing in common: our past and present students share the magnificent benefits of an education that is always grounded in faith and focused on preparedness for the future.

St. Mary’s Institute is an established Christian community that fosters Catholic values which encompass human dignity and disciple while nurturing an environment that enables a sound faith to flourish. Providing a rigorous curriculum inclusive of 21st Century skills, that inspires students to achieve their potential and meet the needs of a demanding and ever-changing world.